Wanna Have a Piece of Me?

After a while, I decide to re-construct my blog.. hopefully this blog will get more reader, more appreciation from those who read this.

And.. petiteshistoires.wordpress.com will be back soon!! just see…


Setelah mencari sana-sini, akhirnya ketemu juga blog yang isinya buku-buku yang bisa di-download secara gratis, which is…. buku kita <- click here.

Ada banyak e-book, incl. Laskar Pelangi, Edensor, n Sang Pemimpi… Omigosh, kasihan bang Ikal!!!

Aku punya beberapa lagu anak-anak bahasa perancis, judulnya Frère Jacques, Un deux trois, sama ABC versi perancis. Pengen denger? pengen denger? pengen kan? ya? ya?

  1. Frère Jacques
  2. Un deux trois
  3. A B C

Je suis etudianté de françois. But I’ll try to learn more. Jadi, tetep semangat!!!

Setelah dibaca, blog-Q agak gak berkualitas ternyata.. haha.. isinya gak mutu.

Lebih-lebih, jarang di-update!!! Oh, nooo…..

It’s idul fitri day.. so I wanna say happy ied for everyone who celebrate it, and I also apologize for all of my fault, whether it’s on purpose or not, may Allah bless us on this holy day.

Ummm, I also want to apologize to all of you readers (ciee, readers) because I haven’t written about my pets. But, don’t worry. Right now I want to write about games that I’ve already played… Doesn’t seem so important, right?

OK, here we go…..

Games I’ve already played (sort randomly):

  1. zuma
  2. hercules
  3. chocolatier
  4. peggle deluxe
  5. DX ball
  6. Farm frenzy 1 n 2
  7. jojo fashion show 1 n 2
  8. mysteryville
  9. cooking academy
  10. hot dish
  11. Jewel quest
  12. insaniqurium
  13. diner dash 1, 2, 3,
  14. tropix
  15. sally’s spa
  16. super granny 2, 3, 4
  17. cake mania
  18. super text twist
  19. bookworm
  20. luxor
  21. clue classic
  22. monopoly
  23. first class flurry
  24. yummy drink factory
  25. westward
  26. burger island
  27. bejeweled deluxe
  28. bounce out bliss
  29. chuzzle deluxe
  30. jane’s hotel
  31. ice cream mania
  32. feeding frenzy 1 2
  33. puzzle inlay
  34. virtual villagers 1 2
  35. wedding dash
  36. spongebob collapse
  37. QBZ
  38. chainz
  39. flip words
  40. sally’s salon
  41. super Whatword?
  42. gold miner
  43. Incredible ink
  44. etc, etc

Well, I’ll continue this list on the next login…

Currently I have joined goodreads. It’s a forum where you can share your passion about books, any kind of books. I wrote reviews about 4 books I like just now. You can check out my profile on goodreads on http://www.goodreads.com/profile/metzmiaw

Book and reading are my passions. I love to read and I love good books. so if anyone wants to share any stories about reading and books, feel free…

Next post, I think I will write about my pets.. 2 cats, 1 guinea-pig, and a turtoise


Finally, I have a blog that will represent my thoughts, my feelings, and my own words… Not just an academic blog (I mean my older blog qualityengineering.wordpress.com <- click here)…

About the name:

petiteshistoires, comes from 2 french words, petites and histoires, which means little and stories.

yes I wanna share little stories about me and my surroundings..

Just keep watching my blog and u’re gonna find something interesting….

Meta is…

cat lover animal-with-fur lover chocoholic bookworms high spirit impossible dreamer self centered selfish person <- sedang dikurangi
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